Animal A.I.D. of Mississippi is an IRS 501 (c)(3) animal rescue group, currently foster-based, but with BIG plans to build an animal sanctuary facility along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Our principals have offered a 20 acre parcel of land to do just that, setting in motion our goal to become the only animal sanctuary along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Animal A.I.D. is entirely supported by volunteers. Sadly, one of the biggest obstacles to rescuing more animals that are fully deserving and desperately in need of our help, is not having access to qualified fosters to care for these animals. 

Animal A.I.D. of Mississippi is the answer to this need.    

Help us help pets in need.


Animal A.I.D. (Angels in Disguise) of Mississippi rescues the most at risk, sick, neglected or injured animals in our south Mississippi communities. While our goal is not to replicate a shelter facility, we believe that can have a significant impact by partnering alongside local shelters in the area. We do this by pulling animals out of the shelter that would have needs beyond what a shelter is typically set up to handle, whether it be medical,  behavioral, or in some cases, where an animal is experiencing significant signs of stress in a shelter environment.   Sometimes, a loving home environment is the best medicine. 

PHASE ONE of the sanctuary will involve construction of a large secure, fenced play yard that will provide space for our animals to play and socialize as there social skills and development will allow.  

This play yard will fill a need that the local play yards in our community cannot offer for those animals that may not have the social skills to be in a setting with other dogs. For some dogs, a life on a leash is all they know and We would like to give them the opportunity to be able to run free, off leash without the worry that they will encounter a dog that perhaps they may not be comfortable interacting with.  

Our goal is to reach out to the Local shelters in our community an offer outdoor playtime for some of the dogs that may be in the shelter for an extended period of time.  We understand that kennel stress is real and it affects these animals behavior, such that it can impact their ability to be adopted into loving forever-homes.  

The play yard, named LOPER’S LEGACY, will be a tribute to a very special dog, Loper.  Loper spent an estimated 9 years without much love or attention in the heat of the summer and cold of the winter ON THE VERY PROPERTY where the sanctuary will be built.  Loper was left behind when the previous owners left and shortly thereafter, he was placed in a loving home where he finally felt the love of a family.  Sadly, Loper passed away just five months later. We will honor Loper in the place where he spent so many lonely years by giving others a chance to thrive. 

The use of the play yard will also extend to our foster families and adopted families.  With the use of our scheduling app, these pups will have a designated block of time where they can enjoy off leash time individually (or with a furry friend as their social skills allow) in a secure fenced area complete with sand piles, a ball pit, swimming pool, a bath bar including a drying station, patio area and even snowballs to be enjoyed by all! 

While enjoying all that the play yard has to offer, our fur babies like Loper that have left us will be remembered through the wind chime garden, where each wind chime hanging beneath the oak tree will be dedicated to the memory of a beloved pet who is no longer with us.

Construction of this phase is expected to begin by July 1, 2021. 

PHASE TWO of the sanctuary will involve retrofitting the existing barn with 12 kennels complete with outdoor runs to the outside and climate controlled indoor access for each dog. The barn sustained substantial damage during Hurricane Zeta in October 2020, so a significant investment will be required to put this area in service and convert it.  

In order to house these dogs, we will need a qualified animal welfare provider living on the property along with a kennel tech groundskeeper. We anticipate these positions to be the only paid positions at the sanctuary.  To accomplish this, a mobile home and house are already situated on the property. Both require renovation, but this undertaking is a critical step to ensure hands-on care and nurturing of the animals.

PHASE THREE – We have recently received a donation of a large office trailer that will be converted to multi-use building that will be capable of functioning as a triage facility for the animals, a cat room, a quarantine room for sick dogs, an adoption center to host potential adopters, and a living room that will be made as comfortable as any that could be found in a south Mississippi home.  Dubbed the “luving room”, this area will be used to give each of our dogs some special time in a home environment where they can feel loved in the comfort of a “home” until their forever home is found.  Phase three will include the necessary repairs to this building, although it is in good condition with only moderate retrofit required to meet our needs. 

We cannot do this without our valued and dedicated supporters.  We appreciate anyone who can support us and this much needed facility. The farm will require volunteers that are willing to work hard, just as we are, in order to make this goal a reality. We personally contribute a significant amount of money and time to this sanctuary because we believe it to be worthwhile.  However, we cannot do it alone. We appreciate any financial donations as well as volunteers that have construction experience and equipment to assist. We welcome anyone that wants to reach out to us and partner alongside of us in this venture. Contact us at if you would like to be part of this important cause. 

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