With your support, we can build the only animal sanctuary on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


About us

Animal A.I.D. (Angels In Disguise) of Mississippi

Animal A.I.D. of Mississippi is a non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue organization currently a foster based dog and cat rescue, but with BIG plans to build an animal sanctuary in Pass Christian, MS. With 20 acres on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, our volunteer organization is dedicated to providing shelter (currently in foster homes), protection, nurturing, and love to the most vulnerable and forsaken injured or abused dogs and cats in our community.


Animal A.I.D. of Mississippi is an IRS 501 (c)(3) animal rescue group, currently foster-based, but with BIG plans to build an animal sanctuary facility along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Our principals have offered a 20 acre parcel of land to do just that, setting in motion our goal to become the only animal sanctuary along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Animal A.I.D. is entirely supported by volunteers. Sadly, one of the biggest obstacles to rescuing more animals that are fully deserving and desperately in need of our help, is not having access to qualified fosters to care for these animals.

Success Stories

Scrappy Doo

Scrappy was a shy little fellow with new people, so transporting him with volunteers up to his new home in Lexington, KY was out of the question. That wasn't going to stop us from getting him to his new spoiled life though. His foster mom and the adopter met half way in Memphis, TN this weekend to give this sweet, handsome and adorable little boy his best transition yet. Congratulations Scrappy-Doo!! We'll miss you, but we know that you'll be well taken care of by your new mommy and new friends.


Ref has landed the BEST home AND a big brother! He also has toys galore and will learn how to surf in the pool this summer.


Eva - the red head as her daddy calls her - came to us when her owner sold her house and couldn't take her when she moved. A very patient foster family, with three other rescues at the time, stepped forward and was determined to give her a great life, despite all her fears. At her old home, she never seemed to be part of the family and hid often, so often that the real estate investor who bought the house didn't even know she existed for about a month before the house was officially purchased. Once she settled into her foster home, she started coming out of her shell, but even though she was making progress, she was still very timid. Despite being placed on a well-known adoption website, no interest was being shown. After being in her foster home for a few months, we had an opportunity to take her to an adoption even held by another rescue. When the foster family was approached about going, they decided that they just couldn't give her up. She now lives her best life protecting her 2-acre yard from unwanted squirrels and greeting her favorite human sister with her pinwheel tail wag. She is pictured here with two of her rescue sisters, Queenie and Heather, a mother-daughter bonded pair that also landed the best foster failure family ever.

Are you ready to adopt?

The process of acclimating a pet to your home can be made much easier by educating yourself and putting that knowledge into action. We’ll help you manage the transition for you and your new pet to help create a positive and happy environment – now and for many years to come.

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