JUNE 2021 UPDATE: Phase 1 has started!

We have purchased all of the fencing materials needed to build our play yard. It didn’t come easy due to several setbacks over the last 17 months, but with a lot of hard work, we finally have the funds to begin this phase.
Phase 1 will consist of a 20,800 square foot, 8 foot tall, wood planked play yard with construction expected to begin in July. The play yard will allow Animal A.I.D. dogs and many others to enjoy running free off leash in a fun, stress-free environment.
Unlike the public dog parks, Animal A.I.D.’s dog park will allow each dog and its guests to either spend some carefree time behind a secure fenced area or interact with other dogs and people as their humans and social skills allow. The fully fenced yard will also allow visitors to work on their off-leash training without fear of the dog running away. A scheduling app, currently under development, will ensure each pup has its own designated time slot of fun.
Loper’s Legacy Park, as it will be named, will be in memory of Loper, a very special dog, who spent many lonely years in the very location where the play yard will be located. Sadly, Loper passed away late last year, but not before he felt the love of a family, even if only for a short while.
Our plans don’t stop at just a play yard though. Our goal is to expand our amenities at the dog park to allow for a shallow in ground swimming pool and splash pad, sand hills (with buried dog treasure) an aluminum “Air Stream” like trailer converted into a patio and tucked underneath the hundred-year-old oak tree and a stick library. Of course, there will also be many tennis balls, frisbees, toys, obstacles and even a snowball machine for our furry friends and their guests to enjoy! When your visit is done, the bathing station, complete with all supplies needed for you to wash your pup, will be provided before heading home. Our goal for you is to make memories with your pups by providing a place to bond, interact, and escape the daily distractions of life.
Last, but not least, we are always looking for partners that want to help us expand Loper’s Legacy Park into the best dog park in Harrison County so all well deserving dogs have a place to enjoy life the way it was meant to be – fun! We still have a way to go in fundraising for the extra amenities, but we will never stop fundraising because everything we do is a step toward letting the dogs leave the past behind.
Please consider being part of our vision. If you’d like to help or have questions, please contact us!

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