Update – 6/1/2021

Levi’s new life with us began on May 5. Since that time he has been fully vetted, neutered, began antibiotics to prep for heartworm treatment and started to adjust to his new life. This amazing boy is so loveable. It turns out that he is the best hugger ever-He loves giving hugs! We just know it is his way of thanking those that have helped him leave the past behind. 

Levi’s eye surgery will cost approximately $2,200 as estimated by Dr. Galle at Mississippi Veterinary Opthalmogists. Surgery is scheduled for June 8.  We originally expected much less but due to the severity of his eyes, the estimate is much higher.  

As of today, we have about $700 raised toward his surgery. We need your help. His surgery will be costly, but he is so worth it. We do not want him to be in pain any longer. Dr. Galle believes he can make a full recovery And lead a pain free life. 

We are also looking for a foster while Levi heals. Currently, he is being cared for in a covered outdoor kennel and this is not ideal for his recovery. He stays in our office during work hours and is loved by all who have met him.  What Levi needs is a foster family-a family to love him and give him the attention he craves.  Unless we find a suitable foster, he will be outdoors. We will make it work because there was no saying no to thos precious boy. He will need to wear a cone for approximately two weeks. Both eyes will be operated on at the same time.  

Levi has not been around children but his limited interaction with other dogs has not been a problem.  We are taking it slowly to introduce him to other pets. If you would like to be part of Levi’s life transformation we would be forever grateful! Please contact us if you can help foster him or share to help get his story told.

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